What’s up at Bake

My little part of GRAVITY, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, is all finished. My job was working out the zero-g shooting methodologies here in LA. When the production went entirely to the UK, I sort of ran out of stuff to do. (I was pleased to learn that they remained on the trajectory I set them on, and everyone’s still happy!

I am also helping my good friend and longtime associate
Joseph Kahn on his self-produced film ‘Detention’.

Legendary Pictures production of Paradise Lost, directed by Scott Derrickson is... well, probably not happening.

But the The
Legendary Pictures production of Paradise Lost, directed by Alex Proyas appears to be steaming ahead. This movie might just happen! It has all the makings of greatness- it will be cool when it’s finished. But one must tread carefully but decisively- like another film (that one with guys in leather jockstraps in front of a bluescreen) this could go either way. We have an excellent leader and personally, I can’t wait. This film will show you things you’ve never seen.

There is something else big and top secret.

Please feel free to call me at 323, triple three, fivethousand. You can send an email through the
contact page, or you can use c s w (a t) me dotcom, after making the obvious substitutions.

If someone took your picture at music or dance event,
you’re almost in the right spot....